Team Retreat in Reichenau an der Rax (Flackl-Wirt), Sep 2023. Copyright © Saurabh Annadate.

Andreas Stohl
Team Leader
Univ.-Prof. for General Meteorology

Research interests: Atmospheric transport, environmental research

Marina Duetsch
Senior Scientist

Research interests: Water cycle, stable water isotopes, numerical modeling

Lucie Bakels

Research interests: Model development, atmospheric transport, deforestation

Silvia Bucci

Research interests: Microplastics, pollutant transport, interpretation of observational campaigns

Seyed Omid Nabavi

Research interests: Atmospheric pollution, Atmospheric modelling, Geospatial data analysis, Data mining

Andreas Plach

Research interests: Atmospheric transport (e.g., constraining source regions of ice core deposition), ice-climate interaction, constraining GHG emissions

Anjumol Raju

Research interests: Inverse modelling of greenhouse gases, Terrestrial biosphere modelling, Carbon cycle

Sophie Wittig

Research interests: Inverse modeling of greenhouse gases, constraining methane fluxes at regional scale

Katharina Baier
PhD Student

Research interests: Climate dynamics, extreme events, atmospheric transport processes

Ioanna Evangelou
PhD Student

Research interests: Atmospheric pollution, microplastic sources and transport

Rakesh Subramanian
PhD Student

Research interests: Inverse modeling of methane fluxes using satellite observations

Daria Tatsii
PhD Student

Research interests: Particle dynamics, pollutant transport, microplastics

Martin Vojta
PhD Student

Research interests: Inverse modeling, greenhouse gases

Livio Garofalo
Master Student

Johannes Gerwinat
Master Student

Luise Kandler
Master Student

Benjamin Püschel
Master Student

Alina Reininger
Master Student

Elena Volpert
Master Student

Research associates

Vincent Lechner
Research Fellow

Research interests: Computational fluid dynamics, numerical analysis, numerical methods for PDEs

Petra Seibert
Assoc. Prof. at BOKU – Met; retired since Oct. 2021

Research interests: Inverse modelling, applications related to radioactivity, model development

Andrey Skorokhod
Senior Research Fellow

Research interests: Variations and trends of atmospheric constituents over Eurasia on base of satellite and ground-based monitoring; atmospheric methane over the Arctic